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Tough chew! Herbal infused!!


Teething? Gotcha covered. 


Couch chewer? No sweat. 


Need a break from your hyper dog? Can help with that too.


Chew chew chew themselves like a wolfdog chews on bones.


Handcrafted and locally made with love in the heart of Alberta, 100% preservative, dye and chemical FREE


Please choice an option when ordering

Turmeric Chew - arthritis
Lavender Chew - calming
Sage and Thyme - bad breath


These are large, thick chews for heavy chewers (designed for my pitty)! If you’d like a small chew, for a dainty mouth, please let me know!

Grizz's Gnawing Himalayan Chew

  • No Refund of Shipping Portion of Sale

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