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Past and Present Clients


Dave & Freckles

Byron's Sore Bone Remedy

Freckles is an 18 year old Hurricane Katrina dog who has been in severe pain for several years due to bad arthritis. We thought it may have been her time, but decided to give Byron's Sore Bone Remedies a try first. WOW! She is a completely different dog!! She jumps up on the bed, demands walks and is generally feeling great. She LOVES the powder!!!


Angie & Heffly

Shadow's Sleepy Time Dog Cookies

I have been using SleepyTime Shadow cookies for months! Heffly used to be very anxious before bed time and would pant in my face for almost an hour. Ever since giving him a couple cookies before bedtime, he hasn't panted in my face for months!!


Blaire & Grizz

Cadie's Allergy Alleviator

I have had the worst ear and paw allergy issues with my male lab and Bernese Mountain dog cross. I have tried everything expensive powders, supplements and many trips to the vet. Nothing worked and his red ears and itchy paws always came back.

When I got him on the Rango Remedy Cadie's Allergy Alleviator, I saw HUGE results. It took around a month to see it working so be sure to keep on the supplement on their foo everyday for 30 days. He no longer has red itchy ears that bother him. He also no longer has red inflamed paws that he obsessively licks. Even if he gets into the chicken food, which he is very allergic too, the redness and irritation is never what it once was. I strongly encourage everyone to try these amazing products as they really work.

Jodi pours so much love and wisdom into her creations and the products really work!!!

AB6896F9-5562-413A-BC26-FEF5F13792C9 2.JPG

Murphy & Jason

Cadie's Allergy Alleviator

I have very itchy Shiba skin and would gnaw on my paws until they were red and inflamed. My hudad purchased some allergy alleviator to try and guess what NO MORE ITCHY PAWS!! Now I take it regularly and it keeps my itches gone.

IMG_0759 2.jpg


Byron's Sore Bone Remedy

Hi I am Odie from Pouty Dogs!! My humom saw some Byron's Sore Bone Remedy at a market and decided to give it a try. You see, I can get stiff and sore, but after taking some Sore Bone Remedy, I am not so stiff going up and downstairs or even getting up. Don't I look so handsome in my sweater?!?

IMG_0747 2.jpg


Grizz's Himalayan Chews

I am Vera and I am a weirdo, what can I say. Since I am a pitty, my favourite pastime is to chew things - so my humom gets me Grizz's Himalayan Chews to keep me occupied (Turmeric ones are my favourite).


 Rufus & Thamar

Horton Hears a Thunder Dog Cookies

My name is Rufus and being alone really terrifies me! My owner saw some Horton Hears a Thunder Cookies and I decided I'll try it out. WOW, I don't get as scared when my owners go out, instead I go and lay on my bed until they come home and have a little nap. They are also deeeeeeeeeelicious!


Andrea & Cuda

Animal Communication

I had Jodi do a reading on my horses today and it was amazing. She picked up on each of their personalities perfectly and helped answer all of the questions I had for them. I will definitely be using her services in the future and would recommend her to anyone!!!


Karen & Cali

Animal Communication

I’ve always wanted an Intuitive reading for my dog, a 12 yr old Bischon Shitzu Lhasa Apso. I absolutely loved what I received from Jodi.

All I had to do was send a picture. Right away she said Cali was a princess. Our kids always say how spoiled she is.
She loves loves to walk but because of her age, I’ve cut  her walks in half. Jodi said  she loves her walks and wishes we could walk more. Jodi mentioned Cali’s back hurts a little and she was due for her Cartrifin shot for her back anyway. 
Thank you Jodi. Loved it 


Jessica & Rags

Animal Communication

I was a little skeptical about the whole process, but Jodi was amazing and really understood my animals. The things she told me were extremely accurate, and I've already noticed a difference in the relationship with my pets now that I have a better understanding of them. I highly recommend speaking with her. -Jessica Hagedorn, author of Life with Ben: A Story of Friendship and Feathers


Alyssa & Wyatt

Animal Communication

A couple months ago, my dog received a bite from a brown recluse spider. He is a young, small dog and in a short time he was admitted and became a critical patient. I asked Jodi to do reads of my guy daily after I got home from being in the clinic with him. Early on I was so afraid he wasn’t going to make it, and one of the vets was concerned about that as well. Her readings were incredibly accurate and very reassuring. The medical scans she did of him were so on point that  when I talked with the vet we started adjusting his medications to allow him to feel better and start the long road to recovery. I saw improvement after that based on Jodi’s scans. We are at day 58 and my pup still has a small bit left to heal but he is resilient and strong! I am incredibly thankful and in awe of her for those scans and all the scans she has done for me since then. I trust and respect her and her scans and communications completely.


Alyx & Boomer

Animal Communication

Jodi has an incredible gift and I highly recommend her. Her reading of Boomer has noticeably helped him through some of his anxieties. It was super interesting and makes me feel even closer to Boomer

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