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Animal Osteopathy & Therapeutic Touch

Canine & Equine

Canine & Equine Osteopath with Therapeutic Touch

What can Animal osteopathy treat?

Osteopathy isn’t just about treating bad backs in animals. It has proved to be particularly useful in helping to improve the following:

  • Reduced performance

  • Maintaining mobility in competition horses

  • Gait problems: tracking-up/short stride, loss of collection, cross-canter problems,
    rushing downhill, pulls uphill, lacks concentration

  • Stiffness in different areas of the body

  • Stiffness in the older dogs/horses

  • Reluctance to trot / canter on certain reins

  • Preventing bucking between transitions

  • Problems with head carriage

  • Changes in behaviour: bucking, bolting, rearing, kicking and refusing to jump

  • Objection to being saddled or girthed, unable to stand still or relax, hyper-sensitivity to brushing and difficulty shoeing

  • Aiding rehabilitation after injury (tendon injuries, ligament overstrains, sacroiliac lesions)

  • Aiding rehabilitation in diagnosed conditions such as arthritis, hind leg and front leg lameness

  • Uneven muscle bulk, muscle imbalance and spasms


What does an osteopathic treatment involve?

It begins with an initial consultation during which we will discuss your dog or horse’s case history (previous injuries, treatments and medications). We also look at your dog or horse’s lifestyle and the demands placed upon him or her as part of their routine.

We then observe a dog or horse's various gaits and perform a series of turns. Next, we conduct an osteopathic examination of the dog or horse, assessing all joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.


After consultation with the owner, we commence treatment if appropriate. 

The techniques we use during treatment consist of: 

  • Joint articulation

  • Soft tissue techniques such as massage, stretching, lymphatic drainage, reflex    and trigger point work

  • Joint Manipulation (when necessary)

The techniques we use during the treatment will be tailored specifically for each animal according to his/her age and build.

WE DO NOT REPLACE VETERINARY ADVICE, NOR DO WE DIAGNOSE – please ensure you are also working with your veterinarian!!!!!

Dogs/Horses must be good with handling all over the body.

***New patients require a consult to determine an appropriate treatment plan

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