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Animal Osteopathy & Therapeutic Touch


Canine & Equine Osteopath with Therapeutic Touch

Dr. Andrew Still founded Osteopathic medicine on the principle that all the body's systems are interrelated.

Osteopaths focus on treating the whole animal.

Through gentle stretching, palpation, manipulation, and massage, we work to correct your animal's whole systems to alleviate disease within the body. We do not crack bones or perform any other invasive procedures.

I have completed the canine portion (Int'l Dip CO) of Animal Osteopathy. In June 2024, I was invited to join the Masters Program in Ontario. Through this program, I will learn more advanced techniques and cranial sacral therapy to help dogs feel and move better.

Dogs must be good with handling all over the body.

***New patients require a consult to determine an appropriate treatment plan

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